South African Youth Climate Coalition




The Awareness Campaign

The South African Youth Climate Change Coalition held its Awareness campaign for the students. The Awareness Campaign  aimed at bringing the issue of climate change to the attention of the students as they are the future leaders. This campaign involved presentations and appearances from, University of KwaZulu Natal Agriculture, Songimvelo, Black Consciousness Movement which is based at the University of KwaZulu Natal. This event took place on the 31st of July 2015, at the Margret Kirwood Room at the University of KwaZulu Natal. This was in the attempt to create vigilance amongst the youth on issues that most people turn a blind eye to, such as climate change and its impact currently and in the future.


The road to success looks promising for the SAYCCC

The Golden Key International Honor Society hosted yet another event. The public officials were there such as representatives of the Botanical Gardens, Msunduzi , SRC and many more. Organizations such as the South African Youth Climate Change Coalition had to showcase its experience and what it was about. The SAYCCC presentation was one of the major successes. Students gathered around the SAYCCC information desk and were very eager to join this organization. This was also an opportunity for the different organizations to network, which was also a success. The way forward has been paved and success is not very far ahead.




Another job that was well done

Today the South African Youth Climate Change Coalition conducted its Awareness Campaign. The awareness campaign was a great success, this is the fact that the organization managed to recruit new members and this is to fulfill its duty. This is the fact that the SAYCCC aims to give the youth of South Africaa platform to have one voice in the fight against climate change. A VOTE OF THANKS TO OUR PROUD SPONSOR:


Lending a helping hand for a worthy cause

In April the South African Youth Climate Change Coalition took the time out of its busy schedule to assist at the University of KwaZulu Natal Pietermaritzburg, nursery. The SAYCCC team assisted by cropping plants, cleaning up and watering plants. This was a laborious duty but it was achieved with great success. This gave the SAYCCC team experience in one of the vast duties of preserving the environment. Here we see from the left, Sphumelelo Zondi (Treasurer), Ndabezinhle Hadebe (National Executive Committee Member) Science and Technology co-ordinator and lastly Phiwayinkosi Mungwe SAYCCC President.


South Africa, the rainbow nation

South Africa is known as the rainbow nation, the youth need to keep it that way. They are the next generation of leaders. The youth of this nation are capable of many achievements, so get together and make a difference by saying “NO TO LITTERING”. The SAYCCC is against littering and pollution of the environment. This organization needs you to be a part of it. Be part of the movement of change which is #KeepSouthAfricaClean. Make that change!. The future belongs to you as the youth.


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